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NOVEMBER 17th 2009 ~
Shoot! Long time no blog.. not like many people read my blogs anyway :P Oh well. Just a place to write things :) Hehe. Im so full from eating pizza.. omg i feel like im going to explode D: .. My mom and glenn are watching the Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight on dvd :P (PAQUIAO FTW!!)

I was gonna watch it too.. but mehh, don't feel like it anymore. Im in the mood to play balloono :P but i dont want to.. which makes no sense.. but okay.. Ha! Ugh! I miss Ms.Sbrocchi :( Stupid, Le-Prevost is back and I don't like her, shes so whaaaack! Lmao @ her getting mad at Turner for going to the bathroom, thats on the other end of the school from my class and taking 13 minutes. DOUCHE DOUCHE DOUCHE. Wooow.. gosh. Lol. What else is there to say...

press up twice , down twice , left , right , left , right , b , a , enter key & right click. if circles appear repost this as your status !

Ok not since thats out of the way.. So i got a new camera on Nov 8th 2009 - (Canon Rebel T1i) and it is freakkin amazing ♥!!! I love this camera :3 it takes sucha awesome pics! ahhh :) But then.. some people just use me for my camera -_- blah blah. Update tmrw? TOODLES

August 23rd 2009

Another sunday -_-..

Woke up at like 10 something? Went back asleep til 11 something :P.. Took a shower, got dressed played some blockles :P.. ate some spaghetti lol :).. did my hair, curled & mascara'd my eyelashes :P.. Glenn drove me to Agustin's :) along with Kendra, Amanda & Mom (Cause kenny & amandtard were going home today), So yeah, hung out with Agustin & Nano :) then his family drove me home..

Came home, got hungry, lmao so i made some lovely fries <3 nom nom nom.. euuuhh... and so.. Here i am. On the computer. Cause my gay boyfriend is at a concert, and im bored as fuhhhh.
Idk, listening to Britney Spears.. lmfao :P.. went to her concert in Hamilton on the 20th with Jessica :) (thanks ♥) preeeetty live still.

Anyway, Update later???

PEACE OUT.. Yo. :)

Herrrro, long time no talk.

Havent updated for a while, loafted.. and vacay.
I woke up at 1:30pm today :| .. LOL anyway.

Florida was pretty good, even though it was hot as fuck. I miss my hotel room :( it was so liiiiive. I miss Magic Kingdom too lmao, and Island of Adventures/Universal Studios :(.. *sigh* .. and OMGGGG TENNESEE ... i cant believe me and my sister didnt get his name... B.S *sigh* :( lmaoo.

Well.. my life atm is boring as fuck. So nothing much to say i guess.. Agustin came over on Friday :) :) :) :) first time i saw him since i got back, lololol *sigh* idk i was pissed off at him cause he didnt talk to me all day yesterday.. yeah.. lame reason -_-.. but meh, made up for it, he called me at 2, and we tlkd til like 5? 5 something? lmfao >:) idk why i was so pissed off though.. i didnt really care much, til like midnight. Cause i already got used to not tlkn to him during the day, since my txting was getting fucked up before, so we didnt msg eachother as much.. meeeehhhh argh, i think the next time im seeing him is... Tuesday.. ?? idk, meh. Whenever hes not busy.. Truuuuue. Ahhh... Agustin :)<3.. Im gonna start playing Balloono again :) OMG I FCKN LOOOOVE BALLOONO <3

yeahh... lmao, Summer is almost over, and im kinda sad that i havent seen any of my Toronto friends :\.. drifted soooo much, compared to back in the days. *Sigh*..

Idk, i think about to much shit -_-.. drives me insane. Theres so much questions i want to ask, but they cant come out of my mouth. I cant talk to everyone else about it, but i cant talk to him :\ *sigh*.. im sure he didnt mean to say what he said, in a mean way.. i just took it the wrong way? Blah whatevz yooo. Noob tings. its cool.

update later?
tata for now :)


Well, im a big ball of i get angry easily.
!@#$%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$#@!, yeah.


Orlando, FL [Aug 5th-12th]
joy to the world

k true.
Lazy as fuck to pack



Woke up @ like 11:50am or so.. Im bored as fuuuck. Not in the mood for OMGPOP atm. Haha. Im kinda just really hungry right now. LOL. I STILL WANT TO GO TO DIXIE PARK.. shiiiiiit maaaan! LOAFT LOAFT LOAFT.

Lmfao @ the 2 bruises on my cheek & the bruise on my arm. THANKS. LOLOLOL dont worry, i dont care, although the ones on my face hurt ahaha.

update laturrr.
im just hungry lol